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SonyEricsson @ SW-World

Saturday night John Hirschtick (Mr.Solidworks) announced on twitter that Head of SonyEricsson Industrial Design will be speaking at #SWW09.

You might already have read my blog post last month Will James Bond Call Solidworks Next Time?

Sounds like it could be interesting to listen to what this guy has to say.

Sadly I am not attending Solidworks World this year, being from Scandinavian myself this is almost as good as if someone from LEGO was speaking(No, they use Siemens). but maybe we would be lucky enough that one of the many great Solidworks bloggers who are attending would give us feedback on this one.

Will James Bond call Solidworks next time?

Sony Ericsson who has supplied James Bond with cell phones in his last couple of adventures announced in the beginning of this month that they have purchased 20 seats of Solidworks Professional in a attempt to shorten product development time.

So maybe next time James Bond is in the situation where a hot girl need to reach him, or he just need to call mom, Q himself could have been using Solidworks.
And with Solidworks I off course would expect a cooler looking phone, especially if it is almost $300.