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3D love for the future of CAD/CAM

We take a lot of pride in what we do and with all this designing, engineering and machining we all know we are keeping the industrial world on its feet. Now the question is can we possible be asked to do more? Go green, Go paperless…..yeah whatever dude. Lets go for something a lot more fun and important.

For our second year we clear our brains from spinning endmills and lofted solids. From last years Orangewood children foundation on the west coast, Check out…
When being a Solidworks and Mastercam user cost you money
To ~Solidworks scholarship inflated~ MATCH School in Boston on the east coast.

The Mission Of: Match Charter Public High School
The MATCH Charter Public School prepares inner-city Boston students to succeed in college and beyond – including those who have no family history of college attendance. Courage, discipline, and perseverance are our core values, and we reverse underachievement through a combination of innovation, relentless personal academic attention, and an old-fashioned “no shortcuts” ethic.
Fact sheet…

Solidworks is involved…
Solidworks have establish an endowment and have contributed to this scholarship fund for the past 3 year.

Solidworks have also sponsored Match school first scholarship recipient in hosting Lut Celestin in her first internship while attending NorthEastern Univ..

Solidworks are also a sponsor of their annual fundraiser dinner which is help to offset the costs of extracurricular activities not covered by their regular funding; such as sports and clubs.

Jeff Ray (CEO of Solidworks) is an active committee member and contributes much of his time to this great school, which most recently added a middle school to extend their reach.…
As a single parent to 2 young girls I feel blessed that we survived the tough year of 2009. Business are picking up, overtime is on the agenda and having the opportunity to say that my family is joining the Solidworks family in donating to a great organization like Match school makes me proud.
Please consider to join us in this great cause and don’t forget donations are tax deductible 😉
MATCH School donation site

When Being a Solidworks and Mastercam user cost you money

Headline is a joke, but this is about one of those few things that makes it alright to lie to get peoples attention, kids in need….
(I did not feel like throwing you one of those “sad” kids pictures)

This is normally the time a year I sit down and make a couple of donations, $25-$30 to the local fire department and $25-$30 on some food drive charity, but not this year, this year it is going to Orangewood Children”s foundations.
I can only imagine in these financial hard times, organizations like Orangewood Children”s foundations are struggling because of missing donations.

Mr. Alex R. Ruiz also known as”The Solidworks Geek” started a few months back this charity donation that is named Design For the Future. For the idea alone I give thumps up, but that he actually sat all this up, is way cool!!!

So I would like to invite you to join the cause, and it is as easy as buying a gallon of milk, credit card in hand, then click the “learn & donate” underneath and you will be taken right there.