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A quick look out on the CAD/CAM Web July09

Update 7-16-2009 I mistakenly wrote you had to be a paying subscriber to access the Solidworks forum, that is not true!

A couple of cool CAD and CAM related places on the web you might enjoy along with a cup of coffee.

Delcam TV
A online TV station dedicated to show CAM software thundering G-code into cool shapes and make profitable companies. Is this cheap advertising ? Absolutely, but still a cool idea, and always good to get a sneak peak at what others are doing. DelcamTv

Real cost benefits from automated CAM/CAD
Sescoi (WorkNC) has put together a handy little 6 page pdf pointing out the benefits of CAM instead of programing at the machine itself. It was of course written with WorkNC in mind, but I will say you could replace WorkNC with any major CAM developer and it still would be true, ohhh and it contains a colorful chart that could come in handy when upper management are asking why the company are not eliminating your position and program at the machine.
benefits from CAM

New and improved Solidworks Forum
If you have not been there for awhile, Richard Doyle blogged about it here

Need to find a job?
Tenlinks announced that they are relaunching, a job directory devoted to CAD, CAM and CAE professionals.

Mastercam Store
InHouse Solution has gotten there eStore up and running, books, shirts and pens are now available for purchase. Funny thing is that people have been screaming about this for years on emastercams forum, but either people have not realized it is now open, or when time is to show the wallet people got quite.
emastercam store

2D is for sissies
Talking about shopping, why not check out the new SWGeeks Store. Though the product has the Solidworks logo on it, I think everyone who works on a software that can extrude a solid would agree “2D is for sissies” and all the profits will go to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation, so there is no excuse.

More coffee anyone?

When Being a Solidworks and Mastercam user cost you money

Headline is a joke, but this is about one of those few things that makes it alright to lie to get peoples attention, kids in need….
(I did not feel like throwing you one of those “sad” kids pictures)

This is normally the time a year I sit down and make a couple of donations, $25-$30 to the local fire department and $25-$30 on some food drive charity, but not this year, this year it is going to Orangewood Children”s foundations.
I can only imagine in these financial hard times, organizations like Orangewood Children”s foundations are struggling because of missing donations.

Mr. Alex R. Ruiz also known as”The Solidworks Geek” started a few months back this charity donation that is named Design For the Future. For the idea alone I give thumps up, but that he actually sat all this up, is way cool!!!

So I would like to invite you to join the cause, and it is as easy as buying a gallon of milk, credit card in hand, then click the “learn & donate” underneath and you will be taken right there.