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SimuTech Helps engineers back on there feet

Times are tough these days. Luckily some software companies are reaching out with programs to help unemployed designers and engineers. Not much is free in this world, and these companies are for sure using this as advertisement and increasing marketed shares, but for the single designer or engineer these programs could be what turns the glass from half empty to half full.
Earlier this year Solidworks introduced there “Solidworks Engineering Stimulus Package”. You can read more about that here
SimuTech Group are currently offering there “lend a hand” program to selected unemployed engineers across North America.

1. What is the cost? It do not get better than this, it is free. You even get training material and a lunch as extra bonus.

2.Where do I fly to? Well, you might not even have to fly, possible within bicycle distance, SimuTech got 9 location across North America, with locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Rochester, Cincinnati, Denver, Seattle, Cleveland, Montreal and Toronto.

3.What programs can I get training in? All of the ANSYS, Fluent and CFX training classes are available.

4.Pick me, Pick me, do I qualify? You will need to be a recently displaced or unemployed engineer, with at least a BS degree in engineering or a related technical field, and SimuTech will determine who qualify (Sound fair, right?, Hey its free!!).

Cool thing is that you will receive a certificate of completion and who knows that might be the thing that makes your resume stand out. I tip my hat for companies like SimuTech who step forward and open there doors.
For more information on “Lend a hand” visit SimuTech’s website here

How to become a certified Solidworks winner

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, arrrhhhh spring is in the air, and then your eyes glances on the newspapers headlines, layoffs. You are probably just as sick of that word as everyone else, but wait this post is not yet another “drag me down in the mud”, This is a bright, happy and shiny opportunity for you to proof your skills, add another star to your resume and get a red shine on your business cards saying “Certified Professional”.

The Solidworks Certification Team has been kind enough to hand 10 certifications as prizes, can you believe it? this kinda stuff just helps convincing me that Solidworks is a company more human than wall street, Awesome!

How this works:
The question is, “what year did Solidworks get introduced” I give you a hint, the information can be found on (taps, cough). you then email me the answer containing which one of the exams you are interested in at . My lovely 8 year old daughter has sworn under oath holding her hand on the box Solidworks came in, that she will pick 10 random winners with the right answer Friday 4/24-2009, and I just want to add that there are no 3rd party stuff involved, Solidworks will not receive any names or email addresses, winners or losers.

Which exams can you choose from?
CSWP-Core Modeling Specialist
CSWP-Advanced Sheet Metal
CSWP-Advanced Surfacing
CSWP-FEA (Simulation)

I recommend that you take a look at the Solidworks Certification website to read up on the different exams and also just en general because they are so kind to hand out prizes like this.

Good luck, and thank you Solidworks Certification Team.