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3 Programs You Need as CAD User


A CAD users workstation is what a good racecar is for a formula one driver.

The problem occurs when you are deep into a project, and suddenly your computer slows down, or worse, the dreadful crash.

Just like on the racetrack where too much speed into a corner can turn things upside down.

Most of us know enough about RAM and processors to know and that you can use up resources running cool CAD while syncing Outlook, blasting iTunes and checking Facebook, etc.

The solution: either spend a few thousand dollars to upgrade your system or reduce the amount of data you’re pushing through— and maybe it’s time to do a little data cleanup.

Here are 3-FREE Solutions to get your system ready for the next CAD race.


Windows Installer Clean-Up:


Check out some of the great addition in the comment area for this video on YouTube. And of course, I would love to hear your opinion!

Better CAD for CAM from Autodesk University

Last week I got to do two presentation at Autodesk University. It was a blast!


Here is one of the tips from the “Better CAD for CAM” Presentation.

If you want to watch both presentations (about 1 hour a piece) check out these links from Autodesk University:
Better CAD for CAM

Are you ready to learn Inventor HSM

Hoe you enjoy!

CAD Tip: What you need to know about IGES and STEP files

Two CAD Tips this week! One might be the best tip I ever share; Round tripping your CAD files for better import!
Also sharing some background information on IGES and STEP files I think you will totally love.
Let me know what you think. Love your feedback!

CAD Tip: Model with All Features!

Great tip from @robcohee from twitter: Model the same part using different techniques. Extrude, Revolve, Sweep and Loft.
Let me know what you think. Love your feedback!

Engineering Technology, The year 1998

We are on the fourth leg of the DE Desktop Engineering magazine inspired walk down CAD/CAM and engineering historie lane.
Check out 1995 and/or 1996 and/or 1997.

Google is officialy founded

Strange to think that there actually was a time we did not have this company around, but more amazingly that a company that makes its money locating stuff for us on the internet can have a revenue above 23.651 billion.

Solid Edge acquired by EDS-Unigraphics

Intergraph and there Solid Edge becomes a part of the EDS family. Solid Edge follows Unigraphics through the UGS name change and into the Siemens adoption.
Microsoft launches Windows 98

Windows 98 codenamed Memphis was the 2nd major release of the computer giant, and packed some great stuff including Network, support and web enhancements.

Rhino 1.0 is released

Rhino specializes in free-form non-uniform (NURBS) modeling. It was originally distributed as a free, closed-source, open beta.

CATIA V5 is released

CATIA…Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application…-~should had known that was what it stood for~. So CATIA is the corner stone of Dassault Systems, created back in the late 70’s and then here in 1998 they released there V5 version, a platform that would shape a lot of 3D worldwide for the next 10 years.

What else…
The FDA approves Viagra for use as a treatment for male impotence, becoming the first pill to be approved to treat this condition in the United States.
Apple Computer unveils the iMac.
BMW buys Rolls-Royce cars for $570 million.
Bill Clinton denies he had “sexual relations” with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky