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  • John

    How can i learn the basics of computer aided drawring ? Every thing i have seen so far is way over my small brain. I don’t have a degree in computer.You have so many utube videos out there, where dose a beginner START.
    Thank you John

  • Hi John, many people seem to be happy starting here:


  • Floyd Knowles

    Thank You Lars, I have learned alot from your videos, please keep them coming.

  • DoruV

    Thank you much for you share.
    I try to learn cnc language , tools and software.
    Amazing structure (machinery, tools, soft…).

  • TimnWest

    Hello Mr Lars I want to thank you very much for your vidios they are helping very much and you are a great step by step instructor . I am new at this but have an extreme interest in cam and cnc and your work sir is fantastic , thank you for your time and effort to help all of us , God Bless

  • Ndubuisi Nathaniel

    Good jobs Lars!

  • Pereira Franco

    Very helpfully book for me
    Thanks a lot

  • GentleGiant67

    Want to learn how to use Fusion 360 to make my own designs. So far I’ve been using Tinkercad and it’s very limited when it come to organic objects. So I need to learn this real bad. LOL!

  • Bob Young

    Hey Lar’s in keeping with the stl file topic, I was wondering if at some point you would explain Meshmixer and how to use and setup? I’d like to be able to work with it and you said one time you used as much as possible because you liked it so much.
    Can you show us how to work with it and any trick/tips within the progarm?

    I understand that there will be no streams next week at all, but maybe wheen you get back?


  • Rigo Hernandez

    Thank You Lars, your videos are extremely helpful.

  • Craig Swenson

    Thank you. It appears to me that Fusion 360 and its interface with CNC printer software is so simple. What is the difference between Fusion 360 and SolidWorks other than the web vs server based and Assembly methods?

  • Randy L Tingler

    I have been watching your tutorials for several weeks now!
    I have tow say there been very helpful to me.

    Thanks Randy

  • Craig Swenson

    Me too on MeshMixer.

  • Floyd Kershner

    I have been watching several of your videos on YouTube. How to I join the live feeds?

  • Den Laps

    I’m new to Fusion 360. I’ve gone through only a couple of your videos and I must say you will be my first place to go to continue my training.
    Thank you for all your great videos and I’m looking forward to look at more!

  • Craig

    Mr. Lars, I’m having trouble with a couple drawing’s one is it’s 1-3/8″x 5-1/4″x8″ there is a 5-1/8″ counter bore 1/8″ deep, then 30350″ counter bore and finally a 3.094hole thru. there’s 4 equally spaced 5/16″ thru 3/8-16UNC. on one side there is a groove milled 1″ 1/8″ dp. this part I’m having trouble with later I will try and explain the other please help ASAP!!!!
    thankyou so much: Craig Lewis

  • Daniel Ballarin

    Thank you Lars, Your videos are very detailed and explain even the basic things for a noob like me. I think you will help open up a world of opportunities for me in the future.

  • Justin Brewton

    Thank you Lars, your videos have been a big help. Keep them coming.

  • arlen raasch

    Thanks so much for all your videos, they and you are awesome! I noticed that you have not published any YouTube videos recently, I hope everything is alright with you and your family. Thanks again!


  • Thank you for share,any more professional book about Carbide inserts?

  • Lanny B Dana

    Thank you for all your fine instruction!

  • Hi Lars. I have built my own small CNC router, and for that I need a vacuum table. I have designed the table at work, as a learning project, as we have merged from SolidWorks to Inventor. The table is a “raster” table I do not know the english word for it, but I´m sure you, as a Dane, know what I mean. To my question. How do I program the “rasters” in Fusion 360? there are 25 columns and 41 rows, each raster is 19mm x 19mm and they are spaced 6mm. Can you help getting me started.?

  • Than

    Very nice work. Lars you are incredible tutor. Fusion one of my favorite softwares. Autodesk one of my favorites companies.

  • Frank Hougaard

    Hi Lars. Just want to thank you for your effort and time that you put in all the videos you make. You really make a different for all us novice hill billies (can only speak for the behalf of my self) and even that i´m getting the hang of it there is always some thing to learn form them. keep up the good work. Stort tak fra Danmark.

  • Najeeb Yunusa Hassan

    Thank you Lars, I’ve learned a lot from your videos. Do have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  • Mike

    ich würde zu Raster sagen: grid of squares..

  • Antonio Salvador

    Thanks for the video, I wish I had watched it before my job interview!. 🙂

  • Veronica Jackson
  • Bill Mundy

    Download corrupt. Will not open.

  • Peter Tooley

    Hi Lars & Charles,
    The CNC Handbook is an excellent resource for learning and I really appreciate being able to use it.

    I would like to ask if there is a ‘Metric’ version (or one being developed) for speeds & feeds formulas etc?

    Thank you again.

    Peter Tooley

  • Hi Peter,
    Not that I’m aware of, sorry.

  • Scoox

    Courtesy of Lars, the CAD/CAM gury 🙂

  • Jiri Tichy

    Thanks,,,came OK!


    Nice work !!!!!

  • prdg79


  • nelson batista,RIBEIRO