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  • John

    How can i learn the basics of computer aided drawring ? Every thing i have seen so far is way over my small brain. I don’t have a degree in computer.You have so many utube videos out there, where dose a beginner START.
    Thank you John

  • Hi John, many people seem to be happy starting here:


  • Floyd Knowles

    Thank You Lars, I have learned alot from your videos, please keep them coming.

  • DoruV

    Thank you much for you share.
    I try to learn cnc language , tools and software.
    Amazing structure (machinery, tools, soft…).

  • TimnWest

    Hello Mr Lars I want to thank you very much for your vidios they are helping very much and you are a great step by step instructor . I am new at this but have an extreme interest in cam and cnc and your work sir is fantastic , thank you for your time and effort to help all of us , God Bless

  • Ndubuisi Nathaniel

    Good jobs Lars!

  • Pereira Franco

    Very helpfully book for me
    Thanks a lot

  • GentleGiant67

    Want to learn how to use Fusion 360 to make my own designs. So far I’ve been using Tinkercad and it’s very limited when it come to organic objects. So I need to learn this real bad. LOL!