How to Hold on to Complex Parts in You Mill

Hold on to complex shapes

It’s easy to machine a box, but what when our shapes become a little more complex?
Time to jump and attack the biggest request from my inbox.

“How do I hold on to my already machined part for the second operation?”

Here is a preview of the 3 different solutions from the video:
1 example
You flip the part over and realize that you now are having a hard time picking up for the second operation.

2nd example
When I first looked at this one, I thought soft-jaws, but ended up in a fixture. The video has the step by step.
3rd example
One of the best features in Fusion 360 when creating soft-jaws is the combine feature. You need to know about this tool!!!

Want to learn more about Fusion 360? Check out this link:
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  • Corporal Willy

    Nice information here Lars. It is important to “think ahead” when doing machining operation especially when their will be more planes to mill. Thanks my friend.

  • Sanika Patel

    Very well explained thank you.Great help

  • Shehbaz Mulla

    Nice Post

  • Sampada Sharma

    Thanks for sharing