3 Quick HSMWorks Tips (REV4)

A few HSMWorks tips that might make you CAM life even easier

Link to video

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  • Corporal Willy

    Hi Lars,
    So if I got this right the right click menu, then down to derived, only copies the settings for the use of that tool and the way it was set up to perform. Not the toolpaths for that particular part. I hope I got that right.

  • Hi Corporal Willy, I hope you are doing great!
    You are right. Not the toolpaths, it will process those in the new operation. My favorite part about this (I think) is things such as face selection. If you for example are machining some complex surfaces, you will many times throw different type of toolpaths on the same area.

  • Corporal Willy

    Hi Lars,
    I thought I understood you properly but I had to make absolutely sure I did.
    One of our laptop computers died and that is the one we keep out in the shop that communicates back and forth to the whole house networked system. I am like a ship, that is dead in the water without a good computer to use out there for the machines. My son and I are putting one together right now that will allow one of our less powerful computers in the house now, to be brought out there. We bought all of the parts yesterday. Real high end stuff. So now that I lost everything on that laptop I will have to download everything again. It won’t even boot and we are computer geeks.