SolidWorks to Inventor Project files

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This is not much of an article, but just a short post on one of those strange things we sometimes come across that in the moment seem very difficult to wrap your head around, but in the end is nothing more than a confused state that easily can be explained.
Inventor Project files
Going from being a SolidWorks expert to a Inventor rookie. Well, that is kind of the place I am living these days, and though the two CAD programs are extremely similar and easy to use, I have to admit that I had to stop and investigate. Want to know more? check out this video…


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  • Jakub Misak

    Hello. I was an Inventor user but I am using Solidworks now. I miss projects in Solidworks so much. Is it possible work in the same way in Solidworks? For example:

    I created a project in Inventor. I set libraries into the project folder. Than I have one folder, which contains everything. I can move and copy this folder. I am sure that everybody can open my assembly without problem and every file is search into this one project folder. Than I can copy a subassembly to different project and everything works great in both projects. If I have a lot of small projects I can switch between them very fast without risk. I can have the same names of parts in different projects.

    How can I do this in Solidworks? When I copy a subassembly into different project, it keeps references to old location. When I use Workgroup PDM, I have to use unique names for everything or create a libraries for every repeated item.

    Thank you for the answer.

  • Hi Jakub, Man, I wish I had a great answer for you. Pack and Go is your only real tool to copy one project for re-use for another. You need some strict rules how you do this as you can easily loose files such as the library files you talk about. Your best option is probably to look into something like Enterprise EPDM, but now it has a cost associated with it. Enhancement request, Enhancement request, Enhancement request, Enhancement request!

  • misolin

    Thank you Lars. We have Professional version with Workgroup PDM. I am trying work with that and it looks fine, but it’s still far away from comfort in Inventor. It’s take a lot of time. Check in and check out is quite slow and we have to create a library part of every part which you might use again in future. Even PTC Creo, which I don’t like, can chose working folder and you can switch between different folders with different projects. I can’t imagine to be a single user and work on a lot of different projects.