5 Productive SolidWorks Tips (REV-20)

5 SolidWorks Tips that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.

1.To dimensions from tangent edges of an arc or circle, hold Shift and select the tangent edge closest to the desired placement.

2.You can create parts in the context of the assembly. This is known as top-down design.

3.If your default units are inches, you can enter metric values in value boxes (for example, enter 25mm). SolidWorks automatically converts the value to the default units.

4.You can copy all of the referenced files of an assembly to a new directory. Click File, Find Reference, Copy Files.

5.You can create a sketch point at the virtual intersection of two entities. Ctrl-select the entities and click Point(Sketch toolbar). To change the appearance of the point, click Tools, Options, Document Properties, Virtual Sharps.

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  • Siva Praneeth

    thankyou for amazing tips, waiting for more productive tips

  • Matt G.

    Is using find references-copy files any different than pack and go?

  • Good questions. It is not. Actually when hitting “copy files” SolidWorks opens Pack and Go.
    So one could think that File->references could be useful to give you a quick overview of referenced files and then the “Copy files” button is a short-cut to Pack and Go.

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