HSMXpress Now Available – Free CAM for SolidWorks

It only took a few days for HSMWorks to follow CAMWorks adding another Xpress (“Light Version”) CAM solution to run inside SolidWorks.

I picked the following feature highlights from the HSMXpress section on HSMWorks website.

What is HSMXpress?
HSMXpress was created to show designers, engineers, and even veteran CNC programmers that integrated CAM not only makes sense, but you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

*HSMXpress requires SolidWorks 2009 or newer; and Microsoft® Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 (General Release; 64-bit or 32-bit).

*Same 64-bit, Multi-core HSM CAM Kernel as HSMWorks.

*Industry leading toolpath quality for Basic Milling Machining including 2D Roughing and Pocketing, Drilling, Facing, Contouring, and more…

*Incredibly fast 64-bit JavaScript-based Post Processor System including many generic posts.

*All CAM data stored in your Part (.SLDPRT) or Assembly (.SLDASM) files.
(They have listed this twice so it must be important :-))

And from the HSMWorks email newsletter published by NexGenCam(A HSMWorks VAR).
It is fully functional. It includes all 2D Milling toolpaths, including our powerful 2D Adaptive Clearing technology. It will simulate, post process and transmit G-code to your machine and includes the most common CNC machine post processors.
If you have SolidWorks and agree to a simple and sensible licensing agreement you can use HSMXPress commercially, privately or in an educational institute. Learn. Have fun. Make money.

As I stated in my CAMWorksXpress conclusion, this product is defiantly worth testing out if you are looking for some basic CAM.
As to compare HSMXpress vs. CAMWorksXpress well, HSMXpress is free…

(We have talked about HSMWorks here on cadcamstuff before. Check out this list if interested).

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  • The Learning curve for HSMWorks is also far quicker because of the flawless integration into SolidWorks!

  • No CAM that runs inside of SolidWorks is really fully integrated with SolidWorks.
    The reason for this can be found here:


    HSMWorksXPRESS doesn’t have MachineWorks solid cut part rendering included with it. CAMWorksXPRESS does.


    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Jeff Walters

    “It only took a few days for HSMWorks to follow CAMWorks adding another Xpress (“Light Version”) CAM solution to run inside SolidWorks.”

    There are 2 major differences between CAMWorks Express and HSMXpress. The first is that it isn’t a “Light Version”. it is the full 2D that is and has been in HSMWorks. The second is that it is totally FREE. not a free trial and then a cost.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    I apologize, I should have done a better job explaining my choice of using “Light version” as a phrase . A combination of what SolidWorks customers are familiar with from the already existing Xpress tools found inside SolidWorks, and “Light version” such as 2 1/2 axis compared to the fantastic 3, 4 and 5 axis packages both HSMWorks and CAMWorks offers.
    As to your second point…I do believe that my “Conclusion” at the bottom of the post pretty much cover my opinion on comparing these 2 CAMXpress version…One is free :-).

    Again, thank you for taking the time to comment.

    Best regards,

  • HSMWorksXPRESS is a light version.

    The reason HSMWorksXPRESS is a light version is because MachineWorks solid cut part verification has been stripped out.

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • HSMXpress does have the HSMWorks in-House Solid Verification built in just not the Machineworks based one.

    As for difference between the two in regards to features..

    HSMXpress includes Adaptive Clearing a roughing technology that can reduce roughing times by 40%

    HSMXpress also include an editor and machine communication suit.

  • HSMWorks own solid cut part verification doesn’t show the cutter and their simulation isn’t dynamic like MachineWorks is.

    Removing MachineWorks from HSMWorksXPRESS makes it a light version.

    The sad reality is that both HSMWorksXPRESS and CAMWorksXPRESS are light versions and they both lack in what I consider to be basic functionality. In addition, both programs to market these light versions still leave a lot to be desired.

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Here is a link for the CAMWorksXPRESS User manual which can be found on the dedicated CAMWorksXPRESS website:


    HSMWorksXPRESS does not have a dedicated website and I’m not able to find a HSMWorksXPRESS user manual. I have seen the user manual that’s included with the pay for version of HSMWorks and without a doubt the free manual for CAMWorksXPRESS is more extensive and much better written.

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Massive failure of HSMWorks own simulation reported by actual users rather than resellers and confirmed by HSMWorks employees on HSMWorks own support forum:



    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Great job by HSMWorks employees responding on the forum like that. That show great commitment to customers and their product.

  • HSMWorks 2012 should never have been released until these problems were resolved.

    As I and others pointed out on the HSMWorks forum for months before HSMWorks 2012 was released simulation in HSMWorks needed a total overhaul.

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Solid cut part simulation in HSMWorks has never been given the attention it deserves and it really shows when you compare it to something like CAMWorks.

    HSMWorks own simulation was rushed to market and was not properly tested.

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Anonymous

    How to trim toolpaths in hsm works?

  • More evidence that solid cut part simulation in HSMWorks is a total mess right now:


    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • The simulation problems for HSMWorks and HSMWorksXpress continue:


    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

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