How to Tell if Nastran Simulation is For You

Does it make sense to stuff more power into your existing CAD tool? Most people will answer yes if it will make their design life easier.
Autodesk Nastran
Take Autodesk’s Nastran Simulation software that runs inside Inventor and SolidWorks. You get the most trusted industry simulation brain right inside two of the most powerful CAD packages. If your designs live outside a box of bubble wrap, Nastran can save you from re-designs caused by product failure in the field. You can, with a few mouse clicks, get a picture of how your designs react to things like temperature, loads, twisting and everyday usage. It’s much better than the old trick of over-designing: beef up material, and then take a hit on cost and weight.

The fear most people have is learning a new piece of software. I have to admit that I was a little scared when asked to learn simulation. You are not going to find any Ph.Ds in my family tree. Lucky for me and other former C-grade students, the simulation software is in many ways easier than CAD software you are using today. You are really just following the same dance steps every time. Pick material, how everything is being assembled, and where the forces are applied.
Check out this great video where my friend, Jim Byrne, gives an excellent example of the power of Nastran In-CAD.


Podcast Episode 9 – Quick & Dirty Inventor Tip, The design of your world is changing… & CAD News.

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Quick & Dirty Inventor Tip, The design of your world is changing… & CAD News!

Show notes:
Quick Inventor Tip : Clean screen & View cube
The design of your world is changing, are you going to change with it?
EASTEC Promo code :ETINVITE May 12 – May 15.
Fusion 360 Live Classroom: Make it with CAM with Lars!
PROCAD V2016 Relased
Autodesk Project Scorch extended
Airbus uses Stratasys parts
3D Printed Metal Pricing Analysis

Quick Inventor Tip: Direct editing

A quick Inventor tip that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.


Look behind the curtain of upcoming Inventor HSM and Fusion 360 CAM releases

When your priority is keeping CNC machines removing metal, creating high quality parts, and do so fast, you need great CAM software. The CAM tool will help take the design on 2D print or on the screen and generate code that in the end will make the machine run. When my task was to keep half a dozen CNC machines busy 24/7, I was always looking to be part of beta testing of upcoming CAM releases. This would give me chance to see what development was working before the annual software release.
Today we can do better than secret beta testing clubs. One thing that makes the Autodesk CAM development team stand out, is continued updates, willingness to listen, and helping users on the
To top that of here is a couple of videos on what is being worked on right now…

Podcast Episode 8 – Quick & Dirty Inventor Tip, 3DConnexion Cadmouse & CAD News.

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Quick & Dirty Inventor Tip, 3DConnexion Cadmouse & CAD News!
Show notes:
Quick Inventor Tip : Make your part look good
3DConnexion created a true CADMouse, is it worth it? and TenLinks merge operations
How to password protect Autocad drawing
Tooling up for challenging cuts
Fusion 360 Classrom: Make it with CAM with Lars

Fusion 360: Make it with CAM with Lars!

Fusion 360 CAD/CAM lives in the spotlight of Autodesk’s slogan “The future of making things”. But what if the “future” ambushes you while sipping your morning coffee, busy catching up on yesterday’s news?
This—design, engineer, fabrication—tool will bring you the future, today. Beginning with CAD that creates form, features and drawings, and in the end lets you manufacture products with built in 3D printing layouts and create nifty CNC toolpaths. This all happens while you can collaborate with anyone on any type of cloud connected device.

I had a chance the other day to be a guest on the Fusion 360 Live Classroom with James Herzing, Fusion 360 Community Manager, and I got to show the basics of 2.5D CAM inside Fusion 360.

Quick Inventor Tip: Faster Edits with Assembly Express Mode

A quick Inventor tip that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.


Podcast Episode 7 – Quick & Dirty Inventor Tip, Autodesk Subscription & CAD News.

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Quick & Dirty Inventor Tip, Autodesk Subscription & CAD News!
Show notes:
Quick Inventor Tip : Parameters & Equations
Autodesk Subscription licensing
Autodesk launch design Suite package for manufacturing
DP Technology releasing Esprit 2015
Fusion 360 CAM Webinar
Inventor HSM Webinar on (9am. EST.)
Inventor HSM Webinar on (2pm. EST.)

Autodesk releases Inventor HSM 2016

Autodesk Train
It gets exciting when the Autodesk train arrives. The cargo is the 2016 release of Autodesk Product Design Suite, Autodesk Factory Design Suite, Simulation capabilities and Autodesk Inventor HSM, the fully integrated CAM solution that runs inside Inventor. If you are in the business of making things, this is the tools and applications for getting things done in the world of manufacturing.
Inventor HSM 2016 Turning
Inventor HSM 2016…
At the end of 2014 the developing team added 5-axis to the existing CAM family of 2.5D and advanced 3D that includes 5-axis tilt. For the 2016 release they have incorporated all the traditional turning operations.
Turning operations: Roughing, profiling, facing, grooving, threading, parting and stock transfer. This in addition to some of the best simulation capabilities and of course the continued support for free post processors.

Running inside Inventor, Inventor HSM results in the most integrated, high quality, ease-of-use CAD/CAM package available.
Autodesk CAM’s 2.5D Milling is free and 3D, 5D and turning can all be downloaded for 30 day trials here.

Check out this video…


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