Quick Inventor Tip: Make your part look good

A Quick Inventor Tip that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.


How do you handle design feedback?

How do you handle design feedback
Have you ever given constructive feedback that was useful?
It is not easy to do: you have to be clear, convincing and actionable. You cross a social line when speaking up, and you never know what reaction you are going to get. Rejected, reprimanded, you might even feel like you are missing something obvious. And then of course the fact that we might think we help the other person and then realizing that the effort was worth nothing.

But when someone does care enough, true constructive feedback can raise the lid. You’re design might get better, easier passing inspection and lower cost to manufacture.
You can react to feedback by taking it as an attack, deflecting the blame and point fingers around you. Maybe you even point blame upward for not giving you enough time, better tools or direction.
You can also act like you don’t care as much as I do. And if you don’t care, why should I?
Another option: you can even more than than just excepting the feedback, you can embrace it, respect it, chew on it. You can thankfully appreciate that someone cares enough to speak up, and appreciate their insight and contribution. Because if it is true constructive feedback, you’re lucky having that person around, and if you treat the situation right it might happen again.

Quick Inventor Tip : Parameters & Equations

A Quick Inventor Tip that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.


Podcast Episode 6 – How to learn Fusion 360 CAM and a bunch of Engineering News!

Listen to the Podcast!
How to learn Fusion 360 CAM and a bunch of Engineering News!

Show Notes:
How to learn Fusion 360 CAM – Basic -
Free Autodesk software for students and educators
GrabCAD Workbench
cadcamstuff blog post about GrabCAD Workbench inside SolidWorks
Autodesk Ember Printer
Autodesk Desktop Subscription
Tired of the computer just sitting there A 5 minute must see with Carl Bass

Big shout-out to my good friend, Kevin Holbrook, winner of Tenlinks Top 5 SolidWorks Blogger Award

3 Quick HSMWorks Tips (REV4)

A few HSMWorks tips that might make you CAM life even easier

Link to video

Do something to change your manufacturing company

How can you become a growing manufacturing company? A necessity is you have to be engaged and ready for change. It’s not smart finding yourself in that comfortable groove and stay there. It might make your life fun and fat for awhile, but change will eventually have to happen.
What if your customers change before you? Change their products, their customer base, their ordering system, how about changing their stagnant suppliers? What is going to happen with the new generations entering the workforce? you know they are living a life with technology that changes every minute. They are not as afraid of change as you, and don’t forget they will be your customers soon.

Solution could be:
1, Wide might be better than deep. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, instead embrase that you have people working for you, not robots. Start more projects in your company. With the same staff loosen the ropes, let them be creative, chances are they are more loyal than you give them credit.

2, Being present in the moment. Get engaged with teenagers. Hook up with the local BOCES or high-schools, trust that by you sharing your knowledge, you will learn something too.

3, Change shouldn’t be made for the change’s sake. Change should happen because you care enough to make a difference. For your company, your employee’s, co-workers and the world.

Most organizations go too slow. don’t just work, work to make a difference, that’s what matters.
You have an option to reshuffle the deck. Make your work important and make it matter.

How to learn Fusion 360 CAM – Basic -

Fusion 360 CAM cadcamstuff
“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar.

Sometimes things just happens for a reason. Today has to be one of those days.
Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, wrote a great article earlier today named:
How and Why We’re Building Fusion

Zig’s quote above is one of my favorites. You simply have to start! But the title of Carl’s article also holds the important keys: Why? and How. When you are trying to learn something new, you should always start with the “Why?” then you can move on to the “How”.

Most CAM videos are “How”…This one is different…
In this 5 chapter video series we are not just trying to show the “How”, but also the “Why”.

Are you ready to start with Fusion 360 CAM?
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Good design…

Design Idea
“Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.” – Paola Antonelli

Getting started with the 3D Printing Utility in Fusion 360

So much good stuff to be found in Autodesk’s standard Fusion 360. Check this video out! Link
On the fabrication side you have a pretty cool 3D Printing utility that talks with Autodesk’s Free MESHMIXER.
Download Autodesk MESHMIXER

Podcast Episode 5 – The Advantage of a great Design, Engineering or manufacturing team and some Engineering News

Listen to the Podcast!
The Advantage of a great Design, Engineering or manufacturing team and some Engineering News

Show Notes:
Looking for some fun, check out Autodesk’s 123D Sculpt

Looking for The Advantage of great Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Teams? Blog post here
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