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SolidEdge University 2014 begins
[Lars:ST7 is here! It is always great when new stuff arrives in CAD]

Some Improvements to Mastercam Design
[Lars:Mastercam X7 gets some new Solid tools!]

5 Amazing things you should know about SolidWorks Electrical
[Lars:This product is taking off. 3D and electrical is awesome]

Giant Lego Bridge in Germany
[Lars:Honestly, this should be done everywhere]

Cloud Computing – A few Things to Think About
[Lars:Some good Pro's and Con's from my friends at]

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Advanced notes in SolidWorks drawings: Pattern Instance

Want to stuff some sweet automatic pattern instance updates into your drawing notes?
Many times when people get to the point of creating a drawing they are stretched for time causing failing back to basic techniques and manually labor.
In this short video we are going to get some quick advanced drawing fun into our Solidworks notes. Getting your pattern instance into your drawings can safe you a lot of hassle when there is a design change.


Like to see more SolidWorks drawing tips, check out this blog post.

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How to learn SolidWorks 2014


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Gandhi

We have all been in situations where a new skill was required, and some are easy through trial an error. I for example will never forget the 1st time I had to change a car tire, it happened on a country road a late raining evening. I learned really quick by being focused on the least amount of steps and end objective.

CAD is different, not only are you dealing with more than 5 bolts and the decision of what is front and back. You are dealing with “best” practices and modeling techniques, hundreds of functions that all could be a productivity gainer in the right application.
Spending a lot of time by using “Good old” trial and error and poking around with out some supervision is just going to end up being costly very quickly.
As a certified SolidWorks instructor I do believe classroom training is the most effective. You can’t replace the interaction between instructor and student, questions can be answered and conversations can be directed and focused on what the student specifically does in their respected industry.
However there is many times where in class training is not possible or desired. Price can defiantly play a role, but also distance, schedules and deadlines can be key opponents. This is where online video training might become your best bet.
Infinite Skills has for years provided best in class video training. One of the reasons is because they make sure to stay up to date on new software versions and using 1st class instructors.

Infinite Skills: Learning SolidWorks 2014.
1st of Infinite Skills has done the job yet again using an experienced, passionate instructor.
Dean Kerste is a Certified SolidWorks Expert who in the daytime is a college instructor with a Ph.D and in his spare time runs Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio SolidWorks User Group.
This gives you a truly SolidWorks guru who knows how to teach but maybe more importantly is passinate about what he teaches. That’s a delightful combination for a low priced highly useful training tool.

skitchDean Kerste has recorded over 7 hours of 112 timely sectioned SolidWorks videos.

Quick look…
It is obvious that the content of Learning SolidWorks 2014 will give you a solid start modeling using SolidWorks.
As seen above the course is broken down into very manageable steps. Starting with a basic chapter that takes the student to a good starting place and then progresses into an Intermediate chapter with working files that can be downloaded.
These working files really enhances the learning experience as the student now get to get their own hands dirty. With the one function video training has over classroom training, the user can replay the training material as many times as desired.
Of course another great benefit is that you can dictate when the training is going on, resulting in pausing the video when the customer calls or the boss walks in the room.
skitchAs the student is getting deeper into modeling parts the benefits of the experienced instructor Dean Kerste is he is taking them from where to begin into the world of best design intent, the importance of CAD relations and how to to best edit a part (I have still yet to experience a design that did not have a revision at some point).
12 Each timely sectioned SolidWorks video takes you from the basics into SolidWorks Part modeling, SolidWorks Assemblies finally how to detail those SolidWorks Drawings.
3 And as a proof for the dedication and acquired 3D SolidWorks knowledge the student also receive a nice certificate, that if you where my boss for sure could expect me to bring at my next review.

So to recap with Infinite Skills, Learning SolidWorks 2014 you get:

* A Ph.D College Instructor teaching in your tempo at your time schedule
* Taking you from the beginning through 7 hours of SolidWorks training
* With working material that can be downloaded that lets you get your hands dirty
* At the end provides you with a certificate proving you went through the course

As I said earlier, I believe that classroom training has many advantages, but sometimes it is just not possible or in the best interest for a company at that moment. With the price for these video lesson, the quality and the instructor there is not much to loose. Check out Learning SolidWorks 2014

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cadcamstuff corner

cadcamstuff corner

Rhino 5 Service Release 7 Available
[Lars:With 25 saves before it stops working, I think I need to review the trial version soon]

Mastercam Swiss Expert 2013 on a Tsugami S-327 5-axis machine
[Lars:I could watch cool Swiss style machining videos on youtube all day long]

3D Printer Buyer’s Guide
[Lars:My friends at CAPINC providing a "What to consider when purchasing a 3D printer"]

SolidWorks User Group Network
[Lars:I failed to meet with Bobby Moore at SolidWorks 2014 and thank him for this great video]

Gallery: The engineering of U.S. Olympic Sochi bobsleds
[Lars:As seen at SolidWorks World. The SolidWorks designed bobsled]

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5 Productive SolidWorks Tips (REV-20)

5 SolidWorks Tips that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.

1.To dimensions from tangent edges of an arc or circle, hold Shift and select the tangent edge closest to the desired placement.

2.You can create parts in the context of the assembly. This is known as top-down design.

3.If your default units are inches, you can enter metric values in value boxes (for example, enter 25mm). SolidWorks automatically converts the value to the default units.

4.You can copy all of the referenced files of an assembly to a new directory. Click File, Find Reference, Copy Files.

5.You can create a sketch point at the virtual intersection of two entities. Ctrl-select the entities and click Point(Sketch toolbar). To change the appearance of the point, click Tools, Options, Document Properties, Virtual Sharps.

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5 Productive SolidWorks Tips (REV-19)

5 SolidWorks Tips that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.

1.You can press the space bar to bring up the Orientation dialog box.

2.When dimensionsing, right-click to lock the orientation of the dimensions (inside/outside angle or horizontal/vertical/parallel). Then you can drag the value to position the text wherever you want without the orientation changing.

3.The entitity selection filter toolbar can be turned off/on by pressing F5, and active filters can be turned off/on by pressing F6.

4.In order to view multiple sheets in a drawing at once, go to Window, New Window, and then tile the windows. You can select a different drawing sheet in each window.

5.Use the filter field at the top of the FeatureManager design tree to search for features of a part, assembly, or drawing.

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3 Things you should know about SolidWorks Search Routines

Changes are that appreciation is not what most people has on their mind when this message apear when opening an assembly. But if a tiny bit of frustration is coming to the surface do not point it at SolidWorks.
SolidWorks has at this point searched 13 different locations on your machine in a desperate attempt to get all referenced documents in order, for finally giving up with the above message.

13 locations to search…
1. Uses any open document with the same name.
2. Searches the first path that you specify in the Folders list in the File Locations Options dialog box.
3. Searches the path in Step 2 plus the last folder in the path where the referenced document was last saved.
4. Searches the path in Step 2 plus the last two folders in the path where the referenced document was last saved.
5. Repeats Step 4 until the full original path has been appended to the path in Step 2.
6. Recursively searches the first path in the Folders list, then recursively searches the path where the referenced document was last saved.
7. Repeats Steps 2 through 6 for the other folders in the Folders list.
8. Searches the path of the active document, then recursively searches the path where the referenced document was last saved.
9. Searches the path where you last opened a document, then recursively searches the path where the referenced document was last saved.
10. Searches the path where the software last found a referenced document.
11. Searches the full path where the document was last saved without a drive designation.
12. Searches the full path where the document was last saved with its original drive designation.
13. Allows you to browse for the document yourself.

3 Things you should know…
Check out this video that might give you some information you have been looking for.

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cadcamstuff Wins TenLinks Top Ten Blogger Award

No one like people who brags, but today I am going to stick to the American Novelist Sarah Sheppard who said It ain’t bragging if it is true :-)
The great news source TenLinks and SolidWorks had teamed up this year and picked 10 End User and 10 Reseller blogs that got recognized for their contribution to the SolidWorks community.

I am truly honored to be among the selected, and I want to thank everyone who takes time to read and comment on this site. I wish one day I get to thank you in person and offer to buy you a beer!!

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GrabCAD Workbench Professional now has SolidWorks add-in

GrabCAD might have been your favorite hub for cool 3D models but has become so much more with their new “collaboration/Dropbox on steriods” Workbench feature.

From GrabCAD

Workbench gives user the capabilities to automatically sync their desktop files to cloud projects, lock files,
manage file versions, visualize version differences, resolve conflicts and more.

With the SolidWorks addin, Workbench users can upload and download files as well as resolve conflicts from within SolidWorks. SolidWorks is the first CAD system supported because it is the most popular among current Workbench users. GrabCAD plans to support other CAD systems in the future and is in discussion with major CAD vendors.

1st of the SolidWorks add-in is not free but very affordable (Check pricing beneath). It is awesome when someone decides to push the envelope and challenge the way we all work. GrabCAD has decided to do this! Success always comes when you step outside your comfort zone. So if you haven’t go test it out!
Grabcad Pricing

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5 Productive SolidWorks Tips (REV-18)

5 SolidWorks Tips that may possible be helpful kick starting your 3D day.

1.When you create a new projected, section, or auxiliary view, by default it is aligned with the parent view. To break the default alignment, hold down Ctrl as you select a location for the view.

2.You can control whether you want to see the contents of a drawing view while dragging a view. Click Tools, Options, System Options, Drawings to set the ‘Show contents while dragging drawing view’ option.

3.You can specify whether drawing views update automatically when referenced model changes. Use the shortcut menu on the drawing name in the FeatureManager design tree to set the Automatic view update option.

4.You can format a dimension in a drawing using the heads-up Dimensions Palette. Select the dimension and hover over the Dimension Palette icon.

5.You can switch between diameter and radius dimensions on a circle or arc. Select the desired option in the dimension’s shortcut menu.

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